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Pregnancy Myths by Ayda Jebat, Meeting the Needs of Millennial Parents

Jan 15,2024 | Hylda Yaacub for Chicco Malaysia

Ayda Jebat is a name that is very familiar for the Malay-speaking households in Malaysia. A talented actress and singer, Ayda believes in leading a positive lifestyle to help her manage stress and live healthy. Here are some of the pregnancy myths that are not sworn by Ayda Jebat.


1. It is not safe to travel during pregnancy

If you have been following Ayda’s stories, you will know that she travelled to Taiwan in September last year together with husband Nabil and daughter Ana Nayla. It’s not true when people say air travel during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage due to the cabin pressure. As long as you have a normal and healthy pregnancy, travelling by plane or car can be a happy experience.

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2. You shouldn’t exercise while pregnant

Do you know that staying physically active during pregnancy can strengthen your heart and blood vessels and ease constipation? Ayda Jebat continued with her routine of brisk walking (the safest form of exercise) and easy dance moves during her stage performance. However, be careful in doing activities that may cause a serious fall.


3. Pregnant women should eat for two

Over-eating can result in unwanted weight gain which increases the risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure for the pregnant mummy. That is why Ayda always made sure she ate quality food - real food that is high in nutritional value. Of course, it is perfectly okay to enjoy a little sweet treat occasionally.


4. Reduce socialising time and focus on the baby

Who says that when you’re pregnant you should only stay at home? Definitely not Ayda Jebat when she attended Black Pink concert in Malaysia during her 1st trimester of pregnancy. It is helpful to know what can activate the chemical release of dopamine (the ‘happy’ hormones). Happy mummy, happy baby in the tummy!


Now that the common pregnancy myths are busted, let’s look at some of the do’s and don’ts when visiting a newborn from Ayda’s perspective.

1.  A good rule of thumb is – never show up unannounced! A newborn doesn’t have a fixed sleeping schedule, and so does the mummy. It is considered rude when visitors, family or not, decide to visit without informing early.

2.  A baby's immune system is not fully developed when they are born. If you are sick, your partner is sick, your kids are sick, your cat is sick - stay home.  Do not visit until you are in tip-top health.

3.  Always ask for permission before you hold the baby. Make sure your hands are clean.

4.  We all know how cute newborns are but kissing a baby is a BIG NO. You never know if your lipstick or saliva might cause rashes on the baby’s cheeks.

5.  Don’t take a selfie with the baby and then post on social media. Some people do not want to share photos of their kids on social media for privacy’s sake. 


So, there you go! We admire Ayda for putting her health and her baby’s well-being as the top priority. What are some of the pregnancy myths you heard that are not true? Or what are the ground rules you have during baby visits? Let us know!



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