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Baby Weaning and How to Begin

Apr 01,2024 | By Chicco Malaysia

What is baby weaning?

It is a major change in eating habits that stimulates the cognitive and emotional development of baby.


No longer just milk

Weaning, also known as "complementary feeding", consists of the gradual inclusion of foods other than breast milk in baby's diet. Indeed, from a certain point, milk alone is no longer sufficient to meet a child's nutritional needs.


When to start weaning

There's no specific moment when weaning should begin. As a rule of thumb, six months old is the best age to introduce solids. Weaning at the age of younger than six months may increase the risk of infections and allergies, due to under developed digestive system. At 6 months old, babies develop neuromuscular abilities that enable them to swallow, grasp a spoon and sit upright. 



How to start weaning

There are no pre-established "recipes" for weaning. Baby will learn to accept and enjoy new foods with a variety of flavours and textures. It is recommended to offer same foods on several occasions in order to ensure the baby will adjust to the new taste and/or texture.

  • Ensure that the food is well-mashed before giving it to your baby
  • Seat up your baby to avoid choking.
  • Start with just a few teaspoons of food, one meal a day
  • Increase the amount gradually, according to your baby’s appetite
  • Start with a very smooth consistency of puree or mashed solid foods, progressing to a thicker texture with soft lumps and also finger foods.
  • Allow your baby to feed him/herself using his fingers.
  • Avoid forced feed.


Signs that your baby has had enough:-

  • Keeps mouth shut
  • Pushes food or spoon away
  • Turns his/her head away
  • Keeps food in mouth and refuses to swallow
  • Repeatedly spits out foodOffer new foods multiple times. The baby’s initial rejection of a new food or taste may not be an indication of dislike. It may take longer to observe changes in facial expression


More than just a change in diet

For newborns, weaning is a delicate stage, and not only from a nutritional perspective. It represents the first step in the process of "detachment" from the mother, as well as a phase during which baby is exposed to new taste experiences, which help to promote the development of autonomy.

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Source:  Chicco Baby Research Center and MyHealth Ministry of Health Malaysia



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