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5 Tips Parents Need to Know When Traveling with Baby in a Car (Proven by Real Parents!)

Feb 05,2024 | Hylda Yaacub for Chicco Malaysia

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February is already here and that means the Chinese New Year ‘balik kampung’ exodus is just around the corner. Be prepared for heavy traffic and longer journey time. We share with you 5 tips (that are tried and proven by real parents) when traveling with baby in a car.


“Traveling in a car during the baby’s nap time is crucial. Know his sleep patterns. If we are traveling for a few hours, we always begin our journey in the morning, after baby has bathed and had his morning feed. Usually, babies will feel sleepy after that. Or if the driving takes longer time, we make sure to depart at night when it’s nearing his bedtime. They usually sleep longer at night and this makes our journey easier.”

  • Alice Hua, an experienced traveler with younger children

Prepare lots of snacks! This is a must-have when traveling with a baby. Babies will get physically active as they grow. For my 10-month-old baby, I use teether crackers to entertain him. Or if I am really in a hurry, I usually cut a piece of white bread into strips and he can feed himself during the journey. I avoid giving fruits. Even though fruits like apples or grapes are cut up into smaller pieces, there is still risk of choking when eating in a moving vehicle.”

  • Kaviyarsini G., the mum who has a bag full of baby snacks


“If you are still breastfeeding, make 2-hourly stops throughout the journey. Always remember to pull over at rest areas and breastfeed, DO NOT breastfeed in a moving vehicle because babies always need to be strapped into their car seat. This is a very important checklist when traveling with a baby.”

  • Alyana A., a proud breastfeeding mum to her 19 months old baby


Do you know Chicco has a portable bottle warmer that you can use even when in a car? It has a special car plug cord to warm up milk bottles, baby food in a jar or defrost breast milk (in a milk bag). Read more here.


“During traveling, I make sure to pack baby essentials in a separate bag for easy access. I have wet wipes, 3-4 diapers, at least 2 sets of clothes, a bottle of water, diaper mat and a trash bag to pack the soiled diapers and clothes. Traveling with a baby in a car means you need to be prepared for diaper change and clothe change every now and then. This is to ensure hygiene and comfort for the baby.”

  • Yip SC, always prepared for a baby’s needs


“What I observe when I travel with babies (my grandchildren) is that the parents need to be mentally prepared for anything that might happen. This includes longer traveling time, baby vomit and mess in the car, baby crying and fussing non-stop as well as frequent stops at rest areas. Parents who travel need to be well-rested before a long journey. Adults need to stretch after long hours of sitting and driving, so do the children.”

  • Patricia Toh, a loving grandmother of 2 young grandchildren


Now that you have read the travel tips shared by parents (and a grandmother!), we hope these can help to make your car travels with a baby much easier.


~We wish you happy holidays and drive safe!~



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