Benefit of Co-sleeping

for Parents & Newborns


The sleeping moment is critical in the first months of baby’s life, in which he has to regulate the wake-sleep rhythm

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The sleep of children is unpredictable: knowing exactly how much a newborn will sleep, how his sleep will change and in what times it is impossible, what is certain is that over the first years, approximately the first 3-4, the family needs and sleep-related needs are constantly changing. But what are these needs, how do they change and in what times? How to organize yourself at home, which beds for children to choose to best follow the needs of the child and the wishes of mum and dad?

Experts recommend to let the baby sleep in his own space and never in the parents’ bed because it could be dangerous


The term co-sleeping is made up of two words, sleep (to sleep) and co (together). It indicates the fact that the baby and the mother (or parents), especially in the early periods, can remain close even during the night.

Is co-sleeping safe?

First, it is important to understand the difference between co-sleeping and bed sharing. There are many advantages of parents sleep together with their babies but it is also important to understand the general safety guidelines. To promote safe sleep, you should room-share but never bed-share with your baby for the first year of life or at least for the first six months. Babies who are brought into the parent’s bed for feeding or comfort should be returned to their own crib or bassinet for sleep. Ultimately, there’s no such thing as safe bed-sharing and you should never sleep with your baby on the same surface as it can be dangerous.

Benefit of co-sleeping

It helps the baby to regulate the sleep-wake rhythm

It makes breastfeeding easier for mom

It helps parents in being peaceful and the baby in feeling safe

It strengthens the bonding between baby and parents and helps the baby to grow self- confident and more friendly

Sleeping close to parents (but not in the same bed) reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome)

Co-sleeping cribs

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