A big welcome from Chicco

We are by your side – you who look after children every day. You do so with enthusiasm but you have concerns and questions. We want to take care of you, and those you care about, with exciting new solutions designed for every need.

Who We Are

We are now present in more than 120 countries and for over 60 years we have been discovering and listening to the stories of generations of new parents, something we will never give up doing. With the same passion as ever we are proud to continue to design innovative products that meet the new needs of parents but it doesn’t stop there. Nowadays we don’t just speak only to mums and dads but to all those who take care of children, After all, aren’t we all parents in some way now?

60 Years between understanding and innovation

We capitalize on a long-term expertise in parents’ and children’s needs, providing products that embed innovation in every market segment, also thanks to the Chicco Research Center. Every step of our story highlights something that reshaped its related category.

Our history

Young entrepreneur Pietro Catelli became a father in 1958. His baby son Enrico was affectionately nick-named Chicco. Pietro soon found out what it meant to be a parent and that’s when he had the visionary idea to create a brand specialising in all areas of parenting. This would cater for the needs of children from birth to 36 months and, above all, make life easier for their parents.

Our Values



This is no word for this in Italian, but it sums up the philosophy of Chicco. It means taking care of those you love, the way parents do. It’s a value shared by grandparents, aunts and uncles, care givers and babysitters. Furthermore, it extends to anyone who takes care of children.

Our Values



We have more than 60 years’ experience of every aspect of parental life and, as always, we continue to seek out new solutions. Our basic principles remain the same: a clear focus on quality and compliance with the highest safety standards.

Our Values



Our sights are always turned to the future. We keep focused not only on the needs of parents today but also what their needs will be tomorrow, We are always listening and understanding that parental needs can evolve to suit day to day life. Taking this on board, we then develop technologically advanced solutions to make their lives as easy as possible. We can never take their place, but we are by their side, every day.

Our Values


Our ongoing commitment is to act responsibly with respect for people and the environment, since taking care of children also means taking care of the world in which they will grow up.


Caring is in our DNA is: care for you, for your children, and for the people you care about.


This is why we are committed every day to safeguarding childhood and the future of those here now and those who soon will be.


Competence, commitment and passion guide us every day in pursuing ambitious quality objectives; this can be seen in everything we do, from listening carefully to our customers, to the study and development of concrete solutions, to the synergy of our processes: a team made up of people who care about people.