Newborn Premium Anti-Colic Complete Feeding Set
Newborn Premium Anti-Colic Complete Feeding Set

Newborn Premium Anti-Colic Complete Feeding Set

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Bundle set includes:
1 unit Chicco steriliser + dryer (warranty 1 year)
1 unit Chicco home bottle warmer (warranty 1 year)
3 units Chicco Perfect5 feeding bottle slow flow (0M+)
1 unit Chicco Physio Forma mini soft soother silicone (0-2M)
1 unit Chicco filter for steriliser
1 unit Chicco silicone bottle brush
1 unit Chicco Perfect5 teats 2pcs (2M+)

1. Steriliser + Dryer: 
●Advanced sterilizer and dryer is an all in one system that kills 99.9% of germs and provides 24 hours protection.
●Drying setting removes moisture present in bottles after sterilization.
●Sterilize in 5 minutes.
●2 in 1 modular (customizable).
●4 programs available (sterilize only, sterilize & dry, dry only, delayed start)
●Spacious and practical (able to fit 6 milk bottles and other small objects and accessories including teethers, pacifiers, toys),
●Audile alert notifies the end of the cycle and turn off automatically.
●Easy descale and clean.
●Change the filter after 4 months of continuous use/ when do not used for a long time/ accumulated with dirt and dust.

2. Home bottle warmer:
●Rapid heating in 4 minutes.
●Digital display and touch screen system to show thr selected program of the device.
●Practical heat insulated holder and remove easily.
●Audible alert and automatic switch off to prevent overheating.
●Easy clean and descale by pouring 200ml water & vinegar in equal part and leave for 1 night.

3. Physio Soft Soother Silicone 0-2M+
●Made in Italy.
●Completely soft, perfect night and day. Available in rubber and in transparent or coloured silicone.
●SILICONE “Mum effect”: the exclusive finish on the teat makes Physio Soft extra velvety and more pleasant.
●Extra soft and gentle – one piece construction, it’s completely soft and does not bother the baby even when he is sleeping.
●Break-like base – It allows the lips to rest comfortably.
●Ventilation holes – They allow air circulation, preventing the gathering of saliva.